Daniels’ President & CEO, Mitchell Cohen’s book Rhythms of Change,  Reflections on the Regent Park Revitalization will be arriving on November 12, 2024!

Rhythms of Change Book Cover


“Rhythms of Change is a story for the ages, and an inspiration for anyone determined to build robust, healthy, socially just and ultimately successful urban communities.”

– Mohamed Lachemi, President & Vice-Chancellor
at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University)


“This book is a revolutionary ray of sunshine. Mitchell Cohen’s herculean story of the revitalization of Regent Park provides an antidote to a world weighted down by seemingly insurmountable social problems. Read it and re-ignite your idealism.”

– Denise Donlon, C.M., Music and Media Executive


“Rhythms of Change chronicles the Regent Park revitalization story, but also the personal journey of a true champion of progressive urban change. This gem of a book is essential reading for anyone interested in building strong, resilient communities.”

– Meric Gertler, President of The University of Toronto


“Artisan: a disciplined, determined practitioner of their craft. Living it so fully and completely, lifting it to an art. Miles Davis to jazz. The Beatles to rock and roll. Bialetti to espresso machines. Jane Jacobs to urban planning. Dare I say. Add Mitchell Cohen to community building.”

– Daniele Zanotti, CEO United Way Greater Toronto


“Mitchell Cohen’s insights remind us of the need for both long-term vision and short-term pragmatism. His confidence in humanity, his dedication and persistence in building TRUST are needed now as never before.”

– Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, 2014 – 2023


“Cohen writes passionately and with great insight and knowledge. Rhythms of Change is a story for the ages, and an inspiration for anyone determined to build robust, healthy, socially just and ultimately successful urban communities.”

– Mohamed Lachemi, President and Vice Chancellor
Toronto Metropolitan University


“Mitchell Cohen is a remarkable man, a musician, a huge talent and someone who inspires. Above all…a great humanitarian. And he made monumental change happen in Regent Park, Toronto.”

– Bob Rae, Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations


“The Regent Park revitalization has re-set the bar for what community transformation can look like. The real learnings here – which Cohen details in an endearing, almost lyrical way — are to be gleaned from the creative, collaborative, and extraordinarily generous processes that Cohen stewarded.”

– Mary W Rowe. President & CEO, Canada’s Urban Institute


“The Regent Park story must be told. This ground-breaking urban transformation is a model of community, partnership and rising above countless obstacles. Mitchell Cohen brilliantly uses the structure of music to weave together a narrative that is rich in both meaning and emotion.”

– Anne Sado, President Emeritus, George Brown College


“Many doubted the possibility of success. Thanks to the women and men who played starring roles in Cohen’s account, the revitalization is recognized as a gold standard for the transformation of challenged inner city neighbourhoods.”

“Cohen’s book contains many practical lessons in inclusive urbanism, lessons we need to learn to address Canada’s housing affordability crisis.”

– Romy Bowers, Director, Office of Risk Management, International Monetary Fund, and former CEO of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.


“Rhythms of Change is a case study of how great public/private projects can still be done. Perhaps the revitalization has been so successful because Cohen enlisted so many talented people and gave credit to everyone else. The world needs more projects like this and more Mitchell Cohens to make them happen.”

– David Peterson, Former Premier of Ontario


“Rhythms of Change offers a glimpse into the heart of a man whose unwavering commitment to affordable housing has made a lasting impact on countless lives. Although he credits everyone who contributed to this journey, what shines through is that he was the master conductor, orchestrating a complex symphony, writing and improvising along the way to create something beautiful for the people of Regent Park”

– Bill Morneau, Former Finance Minister and Member of Parliament for Regent Park


“It is no accident that Cohen’s love of music and roots in affordable housing leads him to treat development less like a soloist than as the member of an ensemble band. The key takeaway is that to be a developer is to build buildings. To be a city builder is to co-create communities.”

– Matti Siemiatycki, Director of the Infrastructure Institute and Professor of Geography and Planning at the University of Toronto.


“Listening with respect. Seizing the moment. Finding roads to yes instead of no. These are some of the principles guiding Mitchell Cohen’s journey leading the revitalization of Regent Park. Cohen’s compelling stories are essential reading for anyone wanting to build healthy communities and revitalize old ones.”

– Barbara Hall. former Mayor of Toronto

What happened to Regent Park? From a ‘no go’ zone to one of Toronto’s most ‘go to’ neighbourhoods – how did it happen?

In the early 2000s, a remarkable renewal of Toronto’s Regent Park neighbourhood began. Designed as a “garden city” in the 1940s, the area gained a reputation over the decades as a “no go” zone. In 2005, Toronto’s City Council approved a revitalization that would effectively turn Regent Park into one of the city’s “go to” neighbourhoods.

Through captivating narrative that transcends urban planning, architecture, community development, and business, Rhythms of Change explores the revitalization journey through the eyes of Mitchell Cohen—a social activist, a musician, and the visionary CEO of The Daniels Corporation.

The Regent Park revitalization is now the gold standard for reimagining and transforming stigmatized neighbourhoods. Cohen’s firsthand account unveils key elements underlying an extraordinary metamorphosis into a healthy, resilient, and inclusive community.

Rhythms of Change brings you into the heart of strategic decision-making. It explores possibility, is a testament to the resilience of local residents facing upheaval, and offers a roadmap for those eager for positive changes within their communities.

Regent Park’s success is a world-renowned phenomenon. This extraordinary neighbourhood has become home to the World Urban Pavilion—a global Knowledge Exchange Hub established by UN Habitat, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, and the Urban Economy Forum, sharing transformative city-building practices internationally.

Rhythms of Change is a must-read for anyone eager to be inspired, enlightened, and engaged in the change they wish to see in our cities.

Rhythms Of Change Cover

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Leadership that Builds Community

“Every one of us – individuals and business leaders – has the power to unleash creativity and connectivity to build health, vitality and social justice into the fabric of our communities”

– Mitchell Cohen

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CEO’s Insights

President and CEO Mitchell Cohen is a recognized industry leader, elevating the importance of community development, affordable housing, social impact and the arts throughout the real estate industry.

Mitchell has demonstrated an unmatched commitment to city building that puts people at the centre, and makes room for inclusivity and shared cultural experiences that connect and bind us together and provide a sense of community and belonging.

Get a firsthand perspective with insights from Mitchell:

The Language of City-Building

The Language of City-Building

Inclusion. Resilience. Diversity. Impact. Equity. Community Wealth. Affordable. Sustainable. Placemaking. Food Security....

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