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The Daniels Corporation’s passion for the arts is demonstrated not only in our approach to designing communities but in the organizations we support.

We’re delighted to be Luminato’s Accessibility Program Partner.


2016 & 2017 Ontario High Rise Builder of the Year

Daniels has been named the 2016 and 2017 Ontario High Rise Builder of the year at the Tarion Warranty Corporation's Homeowner's Choice Awards. This award focuses exclusively on customer service and lets the buyers determine who should shine.

Coming Soon to the GTA

Daniels is excited to establish new home communities in Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton, and contribute to the changing landscape of Regent Park and Toronto’s East Bayfront. Register to learn more about our upcoming communities.

The Revitalization of Regent Park: A Community Reimagined

Daniels was chosen to partner with Toronto Community Housing to revitalize 69-acres in Toronto's Regent Park. The revitalization of Regent Park is the new gold standard by which challenged urban neighbourhoods can be re-imagined and re-created as healthy, vibrant and sustainable communities.

@TheDanielsCorp: RT @NewHomeBuyers: Artworks Tower by @TheDanielsCorp is opening this fall in Regent Park! https://t.co/tvnKO45TMs https://t.co/hUw32HATHk aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: Arc at #DanielsErinMills is making incredible progress! Check out what's happening at this highly anticipated locat… https://t.co/dXs8GFY3RC aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @nexthome_ca: This is it, folks – your opportunity to buy at Daniels FirstHome Beckenrose! Grand Opening event Saturday, July 14 and Sun… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @core_architects: Proud to be part of the team on this exceptional project! https://t.co/P3brl0Sgqk aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: Artworks Tower has arrived. Learn more and join the Inner Circle today! https://t.co/2MHeM2MF7a https://t.co/8Auo2BDPtN aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @Urban_Toronto: Today's #ProjectOfTheDay is @Daniels_DuEast by @TheDanielsCorp, now under construction in #Toronto's #RegentPark neighbo… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: It's true! We have a limited number of suites available at Daniels DuEast Boutique! Don't miss out and visit us tod… https://t.co/u4zDSP3Jlj aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @Urban_Toronto: Today's #ProjectOfTheDay is Wesley Tower at @Daniels_CC by @TheDanielsCorp, now under #construction in #Mississauga htt… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: Be sure to stop by!! It’s an event you won’t want to miss 🍿📽 https://t.co/G4JHyxcIqV aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: Don't miss our @nexthome_ca cover story on #TheSuttonCollection - our #luxury towns and semis in #RegentPark: https://t.co/3oyeAU6eRD aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @Luminato: We're grateful for the support of our #Luminato2018 Accessibility Partner @TheDanielsCorp. Read more about how we're working… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @GBCollege: Our Waterfront Campus expansion at @TheDanielsCorp Waterfront - City of the Arts complex at Jarvis and Queens Quay East is s… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: Daniels City Centre Wesley Tower offers something for everyone. #NowOnSale with a selection of innovative suites, t… https://t.co/pqduqB3lCy aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: @Artscape @lamarXO Is it fall yet?!? #cantwait aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @inventdevinc: Creating spaces for people with accessibility needs is something all developers should do. This rendering is for @TheDani… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @RegentParkFilm: The summer's most exciting event is almost upon us! Under the Stars: Movies in the park, presented by the Regent Park F… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @NewHomeBuyers: Every household must do their part if we are to decrease our greenhouse gas emissions https://t.co/ubwoKwC5n8 https://t.… aaa
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@TheDanielsCorp: Any concerns about venues before you buy tickets? @Luminato has a handy guide to help clarify any questions that yo… https://t.co/aZY8NletSl aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: Did you know that certain @Luminato shows have Hearing Assistance Devices available upon request? Go to the website… https://t.co/2vbAXExCPT aaa
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@TheDanielsCorp: @aalexandriaaa @TorontoStoreys Thanks @aalexandriaaa! It one of the main pillars of our corporate philosophy.. and… https://t.co/J8XlqlASoV aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @2ndHarvestTO: In one night: over 70 chefs; 30 beverage purveyors; 60 sponsors; 400 volunteers and 1,500 guests came together to raise e… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: A reminder to all in Ontario to vote. By taking part in an election and by expressing your point of view, we help o… https://t.co/Ao9YHXi3V0 aaa
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