At The Daniels Corporation, we have a powerful platform to be leaders and a responsibility to do our best as city-builders. Our goal is to embody diversity, respect and inclusion throughout our organization. We aim to approach all our work, internally and externally, through a lens of equity. We are committed to combatting systemic discrimination and challenge the status quo.

We recognize that more work is needed to strengthen these values and to build on and nurture a corporate culture where inclusiveness and diversity are part of our day-to-day practice and not just a corporate initiative.

Our mission is to continue to work towards building a more inclusive organization – comprised of culturally diverse backgrounds, abilities, skills and experiences – that will drive innovation and unite us to create a stronger and more resilient team.

Daniels is committed to treating all people with respect, dignity and fairness regardless of age, ancestry, race, citizenship, place of origin, creed, disability, family or marital status, gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation.

We are actively fostering a workplace where everyone feels accepted for who they really are and where every Daniels team member feels welcomed and valued.

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion mission is an important journey we are setting out on. For meaningful improvements to be made and most importantly, lasting change, it will take time to make sure we do it right. We know there is a tremendous opportunity to do better, and to do more. And we will.


A heinous, hateful act  occurred on a Daniels construction site in June 2020 and further similar acts of anti-Black racism have been happening within our industry. It has shaken our entire organization and has encouraged us to  seriously reflect as well as take action in all parts of what we do. Since this incident, which we consider a hate crime, we have continued to provide our full cooperation with Toronto Police Services with their investigation. We also have launched our own internal investigation with independent and diverse third-party experts, who specialize in health and safety in the workplace and human rights to treat this with the severity it warrants.

To date, The Daniels Corporation has taken the following steps to address the hate crime and moreover, reinforce our zero-tolerance policy for racism, prejudice and hate:

  • We have committed to ongoing conversations and participation with community members and stakeholders in Regent Park on our work against racism and promoting diversity and inclusion in our workplaces including on our construction sites.
  • Signage has been displayed at the entrance of all Daniels construction sites across the GTA making it clear that there is zero tolerance for racism and encouraging the reporting of any incidents with a commitment from Daniels to take action.
  • Ongoing engagement with construction labour unions, associations, trade contractors and consultants to stand against racism and reinforce our policies on workplace violence, harassment and discrimination. Our main focus is on continuing to promote our principles of diversity and inclusion.
  • We are actively participating in discussions to critically examine how we can collectively improve diversity and inclusion in all aspects of the construction industry working in collaboration with industry partners to make sure that our communities are safe and inclusive for allm including the recent participation in RESCON (Residential Construction Council of Ontario)’s Addressing Racism in Construction webinar which served as their official launch of RESCON’s anti-racism strategy in addition to participating on RESCON’s Anti-Racism Roundtable.
  • Engaging in important dialogues with construction unions, associations and industry partners to take a unified stance. There has been an overwhelming response from those we have connected with to condemn these acts and actively root out racism, discrimination and hate from the construction industry. We have actively been participating in discussion with BILD (The Building Industry and Land Development Association) to facilitate industry wide diversity and inclusion initiatives with other industry leaders, builders and developers. Furthermore, ongoing discussions are underway with groups including Toronto Communities Benefits Network to advance various aspects of diversity and inclusion in our work.
  • Signed the Black North Initiative pledge supporting the Canadian Council of Business Leaders Against Anti-Black Systemic Racism and the United Way ILEO Charter.
  • We will use our knowledge and experience of first source hiring and expand this approach, partnering with Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPOC)-serving employment service organizations to conduct targeted outreach in these communities. This includes continuing to improve and grow our local economic development programs such as local art procurement, Creating Real Apprenticeships for Toronto (CRAFT) and Moving Towards Opportunity (MTO).

To view “Report Back to the Regent Park Community: Response to Hate Crime at the Daniels DuEast Condominium Construction Site on June 26, 2020“, click the button below.

The report is also available in:
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Responding to the June 2020 Hate Crime at Daniels DuEast Condominium Construction – March 2022 Update.

We recognize more can be done to strengthen our values and commitment to equality. We are actively implementing several diversity and inclusion initiatives within our organization to further support a healthy work environment, open conversations and above all else, a workplace where everyone feels accepted and valued for who they are.

Daniels stands staunchly against racism and prejudice, individual and systemic, in all its forms. As an organization, our goal is to embody diversity, respect and inclusion. We are committed to supporting diversity in all our practices – internal and external. We have worked hard over the years to support and foster vibrant, inclusive communities. We will continue to support communities and organizations that work toward creating equality in a world where it is most definitely needed.

If you’re interested in learning more or have any concerns or questions, please reach out to us at peopleandculture@danielscorp.com.