It’s our conviction that diversity and inclusion make us stronger. By putting people first, we build communities in which we can all reach our full potential together.

For us, diversity isn’t just a buzzword—it’s our ethos. We’re not only challenging systemic biases but rewriting norms to create a workplace that is committed. We do so by embodying:

  • Diversity: Embracing varied cultures, abilities and backgrounds to fuel innovation.
  • Equity: Recognizing and addressing barriers, creating opportunities so we can all thrive.
  • Inclusion: Inclusivity isn’t an afterthought—it’s our everyday commitment.

Every interaction with a Daniels team member is rooted in respect, dignity and fairness. We celebrate the authenticity of every team member, homeowner, tenant and community member to ensure all feel seen, heard and valued at every level. Our DEI journey is a powerful ongoing commitment and promise. We’re in this for the long term. Our collective goals are geared towards building a brighter, more inclusive future.  

Daniels Diversity, Equality & Inclusion - Daniels digs deep indigenous voices logoEach year, we refresh our DEI logo to reflect the equity-deserving group we are
focusing on for our annual Daniels Digs Deep educational series. This series provides opportunities for employees to further their understanding of equity-deserving groups through forums, workshops, and guest speaker-led discussions. In 2022 & 2023 our focus was Indigenous Voices and the logo featured artwork from The Eighth Fire by muralist Philip Cote, a Young Spiritual Elder, activist, historian and Traditional Wisdom Keeper.

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Efforts

Follow our ongoing efforts as we work toward improving our workplace, community and industry.



  • Established Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee in 2020.
  • Implemented regular DEI training at all levels of the organization, including web-based, self-guided training for all employees on the topics of Diversity 101, Unconscious Bias, and Anti-Racism.
  • Established Anti-Discrimination and Zero Tolerance policies for all employees.
  • All employees participated in an anti-racism and unconscious bias workshop.
  • Members of the Daniels team participated in a University of Toronto (U of T) fellowship on social justice.
  • Employee Inclusion and Belonging Survey sent to all employees in 2020 and 2022 and used as a guideline to build our DEI framework.
  • Installed signage, focusing on DEI mission and support of Black Lives Matter movement, in public-facing areas of all Daniels’ construction sites.
  • In 2022, all employees participated in Indigenous Cultural Competency training.
  • Established a 5-year DEI Strategy with active employee feedback.
  • Established an Indigenous Inclusion Committee.


  • Reviewing our 5-year DEI Strategy for maximum effectiveness, impact and engagement.
  • Working closely with the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI) to improve DEI practices.
  • Working closely with Indigenous Works and Adam Wright Strategies to formulate a 5-year Indigenous Focused Strategic DEI Plan.
  • Conducting regular DEI Employee Forums to ensure facilitation of open and two-way communication.
  • Posting Multicultural Calendar, made available to all employees and celebrated through company-wide communication and events.
  • Connecting with recruiters and other resources to attract talent from equity-deserving groups.
  • Ongoing work based on learnings from U of T fellowship on social justice.
  • Implementing an equity-based approach to hiring and wages.
  • Ongoing DEI-focused communication for employees.
  • Improving our DEI metrics to measure the impact of DEI initiatives.


  • In 2020, we were an early signatory of the Black North Initiative Pledge Against Anti-Black Systemic Racism.
  • Worked closely with the Residential Construction Council of Ontario (RESCON) to report back to the Regent Park community following the 2020 hate crime on our construction site.
  • Daniels’ employee representation in DEI webinars and panels including the Toronto Community Benefits Network (TCBN) Black Experience in Construction Webinar.
  • Won the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Award. Presented by the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD). This accolade was awarded to Daniels for demonstrating leadership in proactively reducing discrimination, prejudice or racism by facilitating awareness, education & open discussion.
  • Daniels’ VP of People and Culture co-chairs the BILD People & Culture Committee and in 2023 was honoured with the BILD Chair’s Award of Merit for her dedication to improving People & Culture and DEI practices across the GTA real estate development industry.


  • Employee participation in industry DEI committees and initiatives.
  • Ongoing engagement with trade unions and consultants to combat discrimination and establish policies.
  • Actively seeking opportunities to create affordable housing within the communities we build.
  • Working closely with RESCON to respond to hate crimes and social justice issues within the industry.


  • Established Local Art & Social Procurement Programs.
  • Established Social Impact Commercial program, providing Live/Work studio space to artist from equity-deserving groups:
    • In 2022, we expanded opportunities for local artists to live and work in the Regent Park community by launching our Work-Live Program in partnership with the BlackNorth Initiative (BNI). Through Daniels’ Social Impact Commercial program, we made four work-live artist studios available for Black identifying artists at 50% reduction in lease rates through Daniels’ Social Impact Exchange.
  • Executive team members spoke at a community rally and offered support, following a hate crime incident in Regent Park 2020.
  • Worked closely with Regent Park residents and RESCON to support the community and published a Report Back to Regent Park post–hate crime.
  • Signed ILEO (Inclusive Local Economic Opportunity) Charter.
  • In 2023, completed construction of an eight-bedroom fully accessible home for L’Arche Toronto within our Artworks Tower condominium in Regent Park. The home was designed through Daniels Accessibility Designed Program to meet tehe assisted living needs of L’Arche, which provides housing for people with intellectual disabilities.
  • In collaboration with AccessNow and members of the Regent Park community, we  facilitated a “Map Mission” of the Regent Park community to rate the accessibility of various spaces and hosted a follow-up event to share results and foster open conversation around accessibility in the built environment.


  • In 2023, Daniels and Choice Properties partnered with Habitat for Humanity GTA for Team Build Day at our Daniels Mount Mount Pleasant Village (MPV) community in Brampton. This collaborative effort embodies a commitment to empower Habitat GTA partner families through unlocking the benefits of affordable homeownership. Through Daniels’ ongoing 26-year partnership with Habitat GTA, we have delivered nearly 100 homes to date.
  • Continuing to support and prioritize diverse local and emerging artists through art and social procurement, with a focus on artists belonging to equity-deserving groups across our entire portfolio.
  • Increasing community capacity through Daniels’ Social Impact Commercial program, including providing Work-Live studio space to artists from equity-deserving groups.
  • Ongoing philanthropic support for various organizations.
  • Embracing an equity and anti-racism approach to local economic development.
  • Continuing to work closely with the Regent Park community to ensure resident voices are at the forefront of the revitalization process.
  • Continued commitment to equity-deserving youth economic empowerment and mentorship through local employment programs, such as Creating Real Apprenticeships for Toronto (CRAFT) and Moving Towards Opportunity (MTO) programs.
  • Taking an Indigenous-focused approach to landscape architecture at our new communities and presentation centres.

Daniels’ Commitment To Truth & Reconciliation

At Daniels, we recognize that as a Canadian real estate developer and builder, we play an important role in Truth & Reconciliation in our country.

How is our organization responding to the specific recommendations and calls to action in the Truth & Reconciliation Commission (TRC) 2015 Report?

Recommendation #92 asks the corporate sector and their leadership to adopt the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People. The commission calls for meaningful consultation, long term sustainable opportunities from economic development projects as well as education and training for managers on the history of Indigenous Peoples, intercultural competency, human rights and anti-racism.

  • At all levels of the organization, we have implemented training and education opportunities including training for all employees and diversity leadership training for people managers and senior executives. This included cultural competency training for all employees led by Nathan Wright of Adam Wright Strategies focused on Indigenous history and our role in responding to the TRC’s recommendations.
  • Furthering our commitment to education, we host firm-wide events under the “Daniels Digs Deep” umbrella. Daniels Digs Deep is an education series launched by Daniels’ Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee that provides opportunities for our employees to further their understanding of equity-deserving groups in our communities through forums, workshops and guest speaker-led discussions. 
  • Daniels has engaged Indigenous Works for a baseline assessment to help our company improve our Indigenous inclusion both internally and externally.
  • Daniels has established an Indigenous Inclusion Committee that will focus on our long-term and ongoing commitment to Truth & Reconciliation.
  • Across the organization, we are actively seeking collaborative opportunities with Indigenous Peoples, communities, organizations, and businesses to incorporate Indigenous voices in all areas of our business including, but not limited to: Indigenous landscape design firms, caterers, consultants and artists 
  • Daniels is committed to ensuring Indigenous Peoples have equitable access to jobs through our inclusive hiring practices and partnerships with Indigenous recruitment services.

From Our Team

While we are still early in our DEI  journey, we’re pleased that our efforts are already having an impact on Daniels’ team members:

What I think makes Daniels unique compared to other employers is the drive to always do better. Raising the bar for inclusivity, safety and seeking opportunities to take on new challenges sets Daniels apart from other employers!

Ivan, Estimating

Daniels embraces change and is not afraid to have difficult conversations in order to become a better company for its employees – from the inclusive parental leave policy to the creation of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion forum. Daniels also embodies the “walk the talk” ideology by being at the forefront of social impact advocacy.

Pearl, Construction

The visible efforts being made to support diversity and inclusion is just one of many examples that make me proud to be part of a team that not only prioritizes important matters, but actually implements improvements to ensure targets are met and that continued growth takes place in all areas.

Sabrina, Sales Administration

I have worked in the construction industry for most of my career and Daniels has always been known as an industry leader for their innovation, commitment to create inclusive communities, and proactive mission to foster a workplace where every team member is accepted and respected.

Olivia, Construction


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Looking to collaborate with us?

If your business or organization would like to partner with us on DEI initiatives, please email dei@danielscorp.com.