Daniels Health, Safety and Environmental Philosophy

At The Daniels Corporation, commitment to our Health, Safety and Environmental Program is one of the key foundations to the success of our business endeavours.  We believe that workers who are in a healthy and safe work environment are most productive, able to function to the best of their ability and perform tasks without needlessly sustaining injury or illness.

Instrumental to the success of our program is the direction, vision and leadership provided by our Senior Management team who have entrusted our dedicated Health, Safety and Environmental department to draw upon and encourage all within the organization to participate in the health, safety and environmental program.

Over the years we have worked hard to continuously improve our health and safety program through systems that we have developed and integrated into our business model.  The Health, Safety and Environment department works closely with many members of our management staff, work-force, Joint Health and Safety Committee members and consultants, all of whom continue to be instrumental in the development and improvement of our systems.

The Daniels Corporation fosters an Internal Responsibility System which promotes open lines of communication, encouraging and empowering all within the organization and/or those who provide services, to take part in the betterment of the health and safety and environmental programs within our workplaces.  Our successes have been predicated on the philosophy that workplace incidents, accidents and illnesses can be prevented through the use of sustainable strategies.  Some key strategies included in The Daniels Corporation’s Health Safety and Environmental program include:

  • Establishing, maintaining and utilizing Joint Health and Safety Committees and/or other committees
  • Setting and communicating standards, policies and procedures that meet and/or exceed legislative requirements and holding everyone involved accountable to such requirements
  • Daniels Corporation specific Training, videos and communication of industry hazards
  • Utilizing activities such as workplace inspections and formal audits to measure compliance and effectiveness of implementation
  • Where necessary, taking corrective actions
  • Implementation of strategies designed to address opportunities for improvement in our systems
  • Collaboration  with industry groups and regulatory bodies to help improve industry best practices
  • Use of a third party Health and Safety Consulting firm to augment and assist in all health activities as they relate to The Daniels Corporation’s health, safety and environmental program

Special thanks to all of our management staff, workers, contractors, suppliers, consultants and others who assist us daily in maintaining our vision for healthy, safe and  environmentally friendly workplaces at The Daniels Corporation.

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