We Build for the Future

Daniels is committed to designing and building low-carbon communities that have a positive impact on the environment – so you can love where you live, for generations to come.

Climate change is here, and it presents an existential crisis for our society. In Toronto, the real estate development and building industry is responsible for 58% of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions. At Daniels, we have both an opportunity and a moral responsibility to take action to reduce our carbon footprint and leave a positive legacy for future generations. And so, we are committing to drastically decarbonize our new communities. Guided by the principles of transparency, accountability, and collaboration, our mission is to lead the transformation of an entire industry.

Daniels is on a mission to decarbonize the real estate development industry in the Greater Toronto Area by focusing on the whole life carbon impact of the homes we design and build.

We are setting ourselves apart by focusing on whole life carbon, which includes both operational and upfront carbon. Operational carbon emissions come from all the energy used to run your home every day, whereas upfront carbon is what is emitted in the course of creating a new community, from the extraction of raw materials all the way to the process of constructing the materials on site. Taken together, these sources represent the true scale of our impact, and we will take accountability by quantifying, disclosing, and taking steps to drastically reduce our emissions.

In 2023, we published our Decarbonization Roadmap, which measured and disclosed a baseline level of performance, and established emission reduction targets and commitments. It will support us to achieve our goals by providing an actionable pathway to decarbonization while challenging what sustainable building truly means in the context of global climate goals.

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Our Decarbonization Roadmap is the product of years of continuously refining our approach to sustainable home-building, where our goal has always been to make sustainable living attainable for all. We believe sustainability should not come at a premium, and that low-carbon communities provide resilient homes – no matter what the future holds.

Daniels’ first two exciting low-carbon communities are Daniels MPV2 – located in Brampton’s Mount Pleasant Village, the first phase of a new 19-acre low-carbon master-planned community, and Oakville Yards – a wellness centred community coming soon to North Oakville.


1 Per the City of Toronto’s Net Zero Existing Buildings Strategy,