We Build for the Future

Daniels is committed to designing and building low-carbon communities that have a positive impact on the environment – so you can love where you live, for generations to come.

While the real estate and building industry in the GTA contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions, Daniels sees this as an opportunity to be a force of positive change. Embracing our role with transparency, accountability, and collaboration, we’re passionately working to minimize our carbon footprint. 


At Daniels, we’re spearheading a holistic approach to sustainability by focusing on whole life carbon. This embraces:

Operational Carbon: Emissions from daily home energy use

Upfront Carbon: Emissions emitted in the course of creating a new community, from raw materials to final construction. 

In 2023, we launched our Decarbonization Roadmap. This blueprint not only sets clear performance baselines and emission reduction targets for our upcoming development cycles but also redefines sustainable building in line with global climate goals. 

Woman holding her bike on a bike path. Standing in front of a bench.


We’ve always envisioned a world where sustainable living isn’t a luxury- it’s accessible to everyone. With years of refining our approach, we’ve crafted the Decarbonization Roadmap to guide our mission. Our belief is steadfast: sustainability shouldn’t carry a premium price tag, and low-carbon communities are the blueprint for resilient homes ready for the future. 

Daniels’ first two exciting low-carbon communities are Daniels MPV2 – located in Brampton’s Mount Pleasant Village, the first phase of a new 19-acre low-carbon master-planned community, and Oakville Yards – a wellness centred community coming soon to North Oakville.