The new report, “Building Inclusive & Sustainable Communities”, showcases Daniels’ commitment to enhancing accessibility in new home construction, both within the communities they build and across the real estate industry.

Highlights from the 2023 report:

  • Completed 38 new accessible homes through Daniels’ Accessibility Designed Program (ADP) for a total of 198 ADP suites since launch of the program in 2017 and invested $217,000 in support of initiatives that accelerate accessibility.
  • Spent $550,000 in social procurement, by engaging 43 local suppliers and artists of which 90 per cent are diverse suppliers.
  • Trained and secured employment placements for 27 youth in two neighbourhoods through the CRAFT and Moving Towards Opportunity (MTO) Programs which generated $211,000 in local economic development.
  • Launched MPV2, Brampton’s largest low-carbon master-planned community, under the Daniels Decarbonization Roadmap, released in the same year.
  • Published four carbon labels in three new communities launched in 2023.

Toronto, ON (May 30, 2024) – The Daniels Corporation (“Daniels”), one of Canada’s pre-eminent builders and developers, recognized for its commitment to city-building and social impact, proudly presents its 2023 impact report. This report is a testament to the company’s unwavering dedication to fostering inclusive and sustainable communities.

The comprehensive report, entitled ‘Building Inclusive & Sustainable Communities’, enumerates Daniels’ distinctive approach to real estate development and construction. Over its 40-year commitment to shaping a better tomorrow, Daniels has focused on social impact initiatives and strides toward decarbonization.

Daniels uses its business as a positive force, enriching communities by valuing people, partnerships and the planet.

With focus on progress made in 2023 around Daniels’ groundbreaking social impact and sustainability initiatives, this year’s report shines a spotlight on Daniels’ trailblazing journey into creating more accessible buildings and communities, propelled by the launch of its Accessibility Designed Program (ADP) in 2017.

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