The Daniels Corporation (“Daniels”), one of Canada’s pre-eminent builders and developers recognized for its commitment to community-building and city-building, today released its second annual impact report entitled, “Bringing Impact to Life: 2021-2022 Impact Report”. The report describes Daniels’ unique approach to impact and outlines key impact initiatives over the past two years across three focus areas: people, the planet, and partnerships. Included in this year’s report is Daniels’ account of its 16-year involvement in the world-renowned revitalization of Toronto’s Regent Park neighbourhood through a spotlight on building inclusive communities.

Positive Impact Across People, Planet, and Partnerships

Daniels has spent nearly 40 years building a legacy of impact through real estate development with intentionality and investments in community development, affordable housing, food security, arts, culture, accessibility and sustainable building practices that put people first. The 2021-2022 Impact Report outlines the positive impact Daniels has created across three specific areas that are central to its work: people, the planet, and partnerships.

Putting People First

Over the past two years, Daniels has strengthened its commitment to social procurement and created more inclusive economic opportunities. Daniels made significant strides in engaging with emerging and mid-career local artists representing equity-deserving communities. By leveraging purchasing power, Daniels supported Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) communities in a tangible way, paving a path toward a more equitable economy. In 2021-2022, Daniels invested $903,000 in social procurement including $638,000 in local art procurement. Daniels’ commitment to inclusion extends to breaking down barriers to accessibility, by releasing 33 accessible homes for sale or lease through the Daniels’ Accessibility Designed Program. In addition, Daniels invested $197,000 to support initiatives that accelerate accessibility.

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