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Getting at the Heart of the Community

How would you Love to Live?

Building Communities

Daniels President Mitchell Cohen says it best: “Everything we do is about community building.” The Daniels Corporation doesn’t just build buildings; we build communities – and we have fun doing it. We ask homeowners and potential buyers what they like in the way of amenities. We also work with current residents, businesses and local groups to strengthen the social fabric of the neighbourhoods we create. Let’s face it: that’s where the sense of community – the feeling of belonging – comes from.

During our brainstorming sessions, we discuss how people want to live, as well as where, because we know that people, rather than buildings, form the true heart of thriving communities. Then we go above and beyond to come up with innovative ideas such as community gardening plots and greenhouses, rock-climbing walls, bicycle programs, rooftop terraces that are lush parks in the sky, and full-court gymnasiums.

Oh, and that’s not all. We take it a step further and arrange for programming in these spaces to foster involvement and engagement among neighbours. This may take the shape of kids’ crafts, poker nights, gardening workshops ... anything to bring people together. We even go so far as to hire recreational coordinators for some of our buildings. We also believe in staying connected. Our team works closely with condominium corporations and acts as a liaison with property management. You can count on Daniels to be up front about concerns and address them in a timely manner.

We plan each building from the ground up, the whole time considering the people who are going to call it home. And just like those people, each is unique to its surroundings, which we make sure are warm and pedestrian friendly.

In an industry that often opts for "cookie cutter" construction, our reputation has been built on the creativity and inspiration that spark our residences and how we bring them to life.

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