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2016 & 2017 Ontario High Rise Builder of the Year

Daniels has been named the 2016 and 2017 Ontario High Rise Builder of the year at the Tarion Warranty Corporation's Homeowner's Choice Awards. This award focuses exclusively on customer service and lets the buyers determine who should shine.

Our Unnatural Disaster
Homelessness in Canada

It’s time to end homelessness in our communities. Discover why Mitchell Cohen, President of The Daniels Corporation, supports The 20,000 Homes Campaign and its mission to respond to a national emergency that afflicts 235,000 Canadians every year.

Coming Soon to the GTA

Daniels is excited to establish new home communities in Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton, and contribute to the changing landscape of Regent Park and Toronto’s East Bayfront. Register to learn more about our upcoming communities.

The Revitalization of Regent Park: A Community Reimagined

Daniels was chosen to partner with Toronto Community Housing to revitalize 69-acres in Toronto's Regent Park. The revitalization of Regent Park is the new gold standard by which challenged urban neighbourhoods can be re-imagined and re-created as healthy, vibrant and sustainable communities.

@TheDanielsCorp: Do you want to love where you work? We're hiring for our growing team. Check out the available opportunities here: https://t.co/qkMBrAAujM aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @nexthome_ca: Congrats to @TheDanielsCorp and @HabitatGTA, who recently celebrated their 20-year partnership! https://t.co/IqqfpRJ3ix aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @BuzzBuzzHome: .@TheDanielsCorp will launch sales at DuEast Condominiums this fall in #RegentPark: https://t.co/B6XnOcp57P https://t.co/… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @danielswtrfront: .@LaunchpadTO will soon be the go-to place for artists and designers to access programs, services, funding and busines… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @Urban_Toronto: Our #ProjectoftheDay is @TheDanielsCorp's DuEast Condos coming to #RegentPark. https://t.co/YuumVZhy4v #Toronto #RealEstaaa
@TheDanielsCorp: Hope everyone is having a wonderful long weekend! ☀️ https://t.co/J8hvesxMsi aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @HabitatGTA: @VuongKevin @TheDanielsCorp We're doing our best to work with all stakeholders to make homeownership possible for families.… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @TasteofRP: Here's how Bollywood Night went yesterday at #ToRP! Check us out next week for more fun! https://t.co/SLZ52ecn4o aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @BuzzBuzzHome: .@HabitatGTA and @TheDanielsCorp hold ceremony to commemorate 20-year partnership: https://t.co/bYR0ugggPT https://t.co/s… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @normandthegang: Business #amenities for future residents of @TheDanielsCorp's Wesley Tower, part of Daniels City Centre. #normandtheganaaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @HabitatGTA: We're on @metromorning with @davidcommon talking about affordable homeownership and our partnership with @TheDanielsCorp. aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @RivaFinkelstein: Tune in @metromorning Tues 6:50 a.m. to learn about the 20-year business model @TheDanielsCorp with @HabitatGTA @Habit… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @HabitatGTA: Did you miss it? Learn more about the families who received their homes during the Daniels' dedication ceremony! https://t.… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @GardenJane: Mitchell Cohen & @TheDanielsCorp are leaders in social procurement: https://t.co/4qrEnAA6YP. They support farmers too! @EMB… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @NewHomeBuyers: If you're wondering how to include @HabitatGTA housing in your new project, just ask @TheDanielsCorp for some tips: http… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: @HabitatGTA Teamwork makes this all happen! Couldn't do what we do without you guys aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @Youth2Give: Wash2Give is HERE! Support Aboriginal youth in Canada while getting your car washed in the midst of the summer!! #SummerSeraaa
@TheDanielsCorp: Imagination will run wild at @Daniels_CC, especially in #amenities like the kids' zone! Take a peek at this innovat… https://t.co/Bv9xLdu7l9 aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @NewHomeBuyers: At the @HabitatGTA dedication yesterday, @TheDanielsCorp urged others in the industry to build affordable housing: https… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @NewHomeBuyers: 4 terrarium tips that will make your small home greener! https://t.co/XOn4Be1daW https://t.co/HA5QospT0v aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @HabitatGTA: Over the past 20 years, @TheDanielsCorp has been a tremendous partner - providing 35 homes & helping Habitat through their… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @MPRubySahota: Congrats to the Ali & Hassan families on your new homes here in Brampton. Thank you @HabitatGTA for providing safe, good… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @tcgpr: Family friendly living coming to @TheDanielsCorp #WesleyTower https://t.co/RC8rhwDI6i aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @BuzzBuzzHome: 19 tips and tricks for decorating a small balcony: https://t.co/POPMuwrQbD #homedecor https://t.co/ZoPmiUsGxB aaa
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