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2016 Ontario High Rise Builder of the Year

Daniels was recently named the 2016 Ontario High Rise Builder of the year at the Tarion Warranty Corporation’s Homeowners’ Choice Awards. This award focuses exclusively on customer service and lets the buyers determine who should shine.

Our Unnatural Disaster
Homelessness in Canada

It’s time to end homelessness in our communities. Discover why Mitchell Cohen, President of The Daniels Corporation, supports The 20,000 Homes Campaign and its mission to respond to a national emergency that afflicts 235,000 Canadians every year.

Coming Soon to the GTA

Daniels is excited to establish new home communities in Mississauga and Brampton, and contribute to the changing landscape of Regent Park and Toronto's East Bayfront. Register today to learn more!

The Revitalization of Regent Park: A Community Reimagined

Daniels was chosen to partner with Toronto Community Housing to revitalize 69-acres in Toronto's Regent Park. The revitalization of Regent Park is the new gold standard by which challenged urban neighbourhoods can be re-imagined and re-created as healthy, vibrant and sustainable communities.

@TheDanielsCorp: Want to learn more about the #RPMarketOnTheMews? Check out our Facebook Event: https://t.co/Ma1GVjkH9k https://t.co/BXnK51IwUb aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: Have you heard about Wesley? The new tall good-looking neighbour coming to the Miss. City Centre? Learn more here:… https://t.co/4TY1y8BJRF aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @BuzzBuzzHome: $21.4M in funding announced for Artscape Daniels Launchpad at Daniels Waterfront City of the Arts: https://t.co/o8dOEj6sV… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @TOHousing: #YOUTH: Want a #career in #construction? Need hands-on experience? Check out CRAFT - a FREE, 14-week trades pre-apprenticesh… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: Kick start those May flowers without the April showers- Here are some tips on how to create the best garden ever https://t.co/E2HRr3ffTZ aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: Stop by on May 14th from 11am - 3pm for the Regent Park Artisan Market on the Mews! Indulge in food, fashion, art,… https://t.co/eEYdpkeoA2 aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: Daniels Lighthouse East Tower: https://t.co/wgn0qb1cTu via @YouTube aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: Stop by on May 14th from 11am - 3pm for the Regent Park Artisan Market on the Mews! Indulge in food, fashion, art,… https://t.co/vTGhGGG3yQ aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: Take a look at what will soon be Artscape Daniels Launchpad! 🙌🏻 #LaunchpadTO @artscape… https://t.co/NG16gEJqZv aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @thecrazydames: What we need in this city! @Artscape @danielswtrfront announce the Artscape Daniels launchpad, a new model of creative s… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @RegentParkArts: Join us for the opening night of The Unsung S/heroes, a feature exhibit at this year's @ContactPhoto! May 2 @ 6:00pm.… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @LaunchpadTO: We have a new name in recognition of outstanding support from @TheDanielsCorp and the John&Myrna Fdn! https://t.co/mLTqmsD… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @NewHomeBuyers: See why @danielswtrfront will be unlike any other condo community in the GTA: https://t.co/J5qqhjmYWS https://t.co/M5aoy… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @NewHomeBuyers: All the renderings of Artscape Daniels Launchpad! https://t.co/J5qqhjmYWS @Artscape @TheDanielsCorp https://t.co/9XHPPJf… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @RegentParkArts: Looking 4 a great way to spend #MothersDay with your mom? Don't miss the Mother's Day Artisan Market in #RegentPark: ht… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @TOHousing: #DYK? Over 50% of the roof area at 230 Sackville is a Green Top that includes a community garden & plants #TCHCGreen https:/… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: @alexismacd @ContactPhoto @stephenlewisfdn @RegentParkArts We can't wait! aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: Daniels is proud to support The Unsung S/hero's - Featured Exhibit at @ContactPhoto:https://t.co/UZ4oZXGUW8 @stephenlewisfdn @RegentParkArts aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @Daniels_CC: Coming this August - Wesley Tower! What are you waiting for? Join the #InnerCircle: https://t.co/21r8xOWEUE #Mississauga ht… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: Who's cheering on the boys tonight?! #Leafs #TMLtalk #StandWitness https://t.co/fBD0NiAh5t aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: Mark your calendars! The #RPMarketOnTheMews is back for #MothersDay! ☀️💐🌷 #RegentPark #ArtisanMarket https://t.co/sZGnSI2vUL aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: This is your opportunity to own within the newest addition to @Daniels_CC - Wesley Tower! Join the Inner Circle now… https://t.co/ijBamiULFm aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: Daniels is proud to be the "golden toilet" sponsor at #BuildingUpTogether in support of @BuildingUpTO! https://t.co/KMowVFeIAW aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: We're lucky to be in a city surrounded by nature, with a community that values the importance of sustainable living… https://t.co/lqeMl52JSe aaa

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