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2016 & 2017 Ontario High Rise Builder of the Year

Daniels has been named the 2016 and 2017 Ontario High Rise Builder of the year at the Tarion Warranty Corporation's Homeowner's Choice Awards. This award focuses exclusively on customer service and lets the buyers determine who should shine.

Our Unnatural Disaster
Homelessness in Canada

It’s time to end homelessness in our communities. Discover why Mitchell Cohen, President of The Daniels Corporation, supports The 20,000 Homes Campaign and its mission to respond to a national emergency that afflicts 235,000 Canadians every year.

Coming Soon to the GTA

Daniels is excited to establish new home communities in Mississauga and Brampton, and contribute to the changing landscape of Regent Park and Toronto's East Bayfront. Register today to learn more!

The Revitalization of Regent Park: A Community Reimagined

Daniels was chosen to partner with Toronto Community Housing to revitalize 69-acres in Toronto's Regent Park. The revitalization of Regent Park is the new gold standard by which challenged urban neighbourhoods can be re-imagined and re-created as healthy, vibrant and sustainable communities.

@TheDanielsCorp: RT @BuzzBuzzHome: See how #Toronto’s skyline has changed since the ‘60s in this then-and-now photo tour: https://t.co/UCgdVx3K2u https://t.… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @Daniels_CC: You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you become an #InnerCircle member. Learn more about it here: https://… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @blogTO: A giant red dome has just popped up in #Toronto https://t.co/Fac7DF4Gor https://t.co/oYz6dVcbIq aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: Official funding announcement for our CRAFT Program with Minister @StevenDelDuca. https://t.co/pm6YtTHgJk aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: #WesleyTower is coming to #DanielsCityCentre this summer. Join the #InnerCircle for special… https://t.co/x19Qf2jdrd aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @Daniels_CC: What are you waiting for? Become a member of the #InnerCircle: https://t.co/eWmOhMxmsf aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: A giant red dome has just popped up in Toronto. More from @blogTO https://t.co/MattDTte4h aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @RussellPhotos: Cool, fun & FREE! Take a incredible 22min 360° trip across Canada! Look for the red igloo in #RegentPark https://t.co/N… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: So pumped to have @JayuCanada displaying their incredible work outside the #SESQUI dome 🇨🇦🙌🏻 https://t.co/Qm8zNqW2Vg aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: Our friends from @jayucanada have popped up outside the sesqui2017 dome in #RegentPark and are… https://t.co/QpXTQK2Xou aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @UofTDaniels: The #UofTDaniels #Classof2017 #convocation photos are up on our facebook page! Check 'em out: https://t.co/sfCFJsR7mx #Uofaaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @Urban_Toronto: Our #PhotooftheDay shows @danielswtrfront rising on Queens Quay. https://t.co/k1PPSWYPmm #Toronto #Photography #RealEstaaa
@TheDanielsCorp: Wild Women (Don't Get The Blues) is BACK! Get your tickets for the June 24th show here: https://t.co/DUI42bjQwc https://t.co/h9wnfOzBd5 aaa
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@TheDanielsCorp: PARTY in the PARK is back this Sunday! Join in on the fun for a great day celebrating #Canada150! https://t.co/l0gjLicHxH aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @NewHomeBuyers: The @sesqui2017 360 film experience kicks-off in Regent Park today! With support from @TheDanielsCorp https://t.co/Fiz32… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @sesqui2017: Hey #TORONTO our cinematic dome is NOW OPEN! Bring your friends and family to see #HORIZON in 360° @TheDanielsCorp #Ontarioaaa
@TheDanielsCorp: @aphillips24 Hey Andrew - check out the tour dates/locations here: https://t.co/0D1F7MpGSP @sesqui2017 aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: The whole crew checking out Horizon at the @sesqui2017 dome! #sesqui #canada150 #ontario150 🇨🇦 https://t.co/84xL0j75QG aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: Hey #Toronto! Celebrate #Canada150 in the best way with @sesqui2017 - the 360° cinematic experience tour in… https://t.co/hMZIcZYnPj aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @sesqui2017: Getting ready for our dome tour kick-off this morning with @TheDanielsCorp #Ontario150 and @cityoftoronto! #HORIZON #SESQUIaaa
@TheDanielsCorp: RT @sesqui2017: Today is the Toronto cast and crew screening of #HORIZON! Can't wait to share it with everyone who helped bring it to life!… aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: #SESQUI2017 is here! Check out and feel the pride of 150 years of Canada! @sesqui2017 https://t.co/YsH0RD7N55 aaa
@TheDanielsCorp: Wild Women (Don't Get The Blues) is BACK! Get your tickets for the June 24th show here: https://t.co/DUI42bBrUM https://t.co/on5SQf8y8M aaa
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