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Introducing the artsy side of Artworks Tower

Artworks Tower was envisioned as a celebration of the role art has always played in Regent Park and the achievement of a community coming into its colourful own. Right next to Artworks you’ll discover the new artsy side of Artworks Tower – Artsy Boutique Condominiums. With boutique charm and 1, 2 and 3 bedroom suite designs, Artsy Boutique Condominiums will have everything you need to satisfy life in Toronto’s Downtown East.

Regent Park: Imaginative and Story-Worthy Amenities

An opening is always a momentous occasion – an exciting opportunity to see what’s happening especially in Toronto’s Regent Park.

That’s why we’ve designed The Opening – from a sophisticated Party Room and Arcade to a lively Kids’ Zone for the next generation of creative minds. Plus, a Mega Gym your body will thank you for and so much more. Find out what’s new and what’s next at Artsy.

Render of Artsy Boutique Condominiums
Digital render of the Party room. People at the bar drinking wine. Friends (including someone is a wheelchair) in conversation.
Digital render of the Artsy co-working space. Various people including someone is a wheelchair working at desks and lounge chairs.
Digital render of the Artsy lobby. A man with a dog speaking to the concierge. Woman sitting in the lobby reading a book.
Digital render of the Artsy Arcade. Man playing pool. Woman looking at two men playing ping pong.

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